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Turbo Lister 8.2

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    Windows 8/7/Vista/2003/XP/2000

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    May 31, 2019

  • "Quickly place ads on eBay through the Desktop"

If you regularly sell products through eBay it is highly recommended to use Turbo Lister, since with this program you will publish all your ads in record time. From the Desktop you will have the possibility of selling any item avoiding the loading of forms and, therefore, ending earlier with the publication of each ad.

Turbo Lister is especially useful when adding similar items to your eBay merchant account that you want to get rid of, although if the products are completely different from each other you will also save a lot of time. On the Desktop itself or in the program interface will be located the forms that, after being filled in, will give rise to the publication of ads on eBay regardless of whether they are immediate bids or purchases.

When publishing two or more ads you can deal with all of them at the same time, as well as duplicate them if you want to sell several identical products. The time saving is also given by the possibility of choosing between several templates, thus avoiding that you have to manually shape each ad.